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As our community is becoming more environmentally aware and doing our part to help the environment, the use of products like reusable stainless-steel water bottles are becoming more popular.  They area a great gift idea for the person who is always on-the-go.  They can be customized with names, pictures or even your own custom logo. For more information please contact us.

These name badges have pins that are chemically welded on for an extremely sturdy hold. Some of our costumers work on ski mountains because of this, they have to have a name tag that will stand up to the extreme cold and rugged conditions of the mountain. Pin backs are also appropriate for our clients with pacemakers as magnet backings are not recommended for these customers. Kelowna Engravers also provides other backings like, magnets, military pins, mylar clips and name badge lanyards.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

For most people identity cards are already a standard part of our lives and they bring a number of benefits to businesses and their customers alike. Custom photo employee name tags give your customers a sense of trust, especially when they are letting your employees into their homes. When your customer has trust, it builds customer relations and a better sustainability with your company, something all businesses strive for.  Professional photo ID cards let you quickly determine who should have access to employee only areas. You can also use lanyard cards to determine which children and adults should be in the facility...

This wooden sign was cut out by Kelowna Engravers laser and then painted by the customer, Crosby Organics, to their own preference. Custom wood signs, for personal use can bring personality to your home or make an amazing gift. For a business custom signs help customers find your location, provide a form of advertising and give your business credibility.  If you want to see some more examples, click here, or contact us for more information.

In the last year it has become popular for name badges to have the year an employee started employment or the year a group member joins a club. This is a great idea, it gives a sense of pride for the people that have dedicated their time and stuck with it. It also lets club members, or customers know when someone is new and helps both people from getting frustrated. Badge Makers and Kelowna Engravers makes all kinds of name tags. Metal, wood and plastic badges are the most popular, if you would like to see some examples click here and if you have any questions please feel free to...

This was a heart felt gift and it’s meaning comes to life through the engraving. Customized laser engraving gives your gift that extra little something it needs and shows that you care. We engrave on leather, wood, metals, glass, plastics and more. For more clarification please feel free to contact us here to see how we can engrave your gift.

Leather is a unique material; it looks great on its own and even better once it has been personalized. These Leatherman keepers produced great contrast by engraving them.  The customer designed their very own monogram for a personal touch that is all their own.  Engraving leather has numerous variations, with different results, no leather is the same, no result is the same. If you are interested and have questions about your own leather project please feel free to contact us here to talk about it.  

 Kelowna Engravers offers branding services by laser engraving or rotary cutting your company logo onto your products. Logo recognition helps your product grow, add personality to your product and value. Laser engraving is a permanent form of marking. Click here for ideas. For more information give us a call 250-860-2223 or e-mail #Brandingyourproduct  

When a loved one passes it can be very hard. We can sometimes find comfort in having something with us that reminds us of the love we shared with them.  Here at Badge Maker’s and Kelowna Engravers we can engrave on many things to commemorate the one you love. Feel free to contact us to see if we can engrave on your items.  #memorialengraving

Simple but memorable gift idea. This custom wood engraved watch makes a great gift for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, graduation and even valentine’s day. We typically engrave gold, silver, titanium, leather, plastics and wood, which has become very popular this last year. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your engraving needs.